Crazy Daisy Quilts, Crafts and More: January 2017

Jan 19, 2017

Warm Furry Slippers

I certainly couldn't have my Wellie Wishers' feet be cold at the camp site!!! So I designed these completely easy (one slipper took me 30 minutes) FURRY SLIPPERS.

In my instructions and pattern (which I will email within 24 hours of your purchase) I teach you how to make a little packet of furry cuteness that is enclosed with water soluble interfacing...

It is rinsed away

and you are left with a cute furry slipper for your doll's foot.
After your purchase, you will be automatically sent to a link to download the pattern.

$3.99 PDF pattern

Lets Go Camping!!!

Okay, so I went a little crazy and ordered everything I could find so my Wellie Wishers could go camping!!! I now have sleeping bags, a Coleman stove, a Coleman lantern, flashlights, fires, and even a Coleman cooler full of food and lots more.  Just take a look below:

And toothbrushes!!!

And where did I get those completely cute Union Suits with the Bear Bum??? I designed them of course and the pattern is available for purchase below:

After your purchase you will automatically be sent to a link where you can download the pattern as a Pdf pattern

Pdf Pattern $4.99

Jan 9, 2017

WellieWisher's Ribbon Shoe Pattern

I had so much fun making the party dress, I realized that my Wellie Wisher (WellieWisher - not sure which one is right) needed matching shoes.

These are pretty easy to make and look how cute they look with her Party Dress:

After you purchase the Ribbon Shoe Pattern, you will automatically be directed to a pdf pattern that you can download.

3.99 PDF pattern
Ribbon Shoes

Jan 5, 2017

WellieWisher Faux-Smocked Party Dress Pattern

Today I finished my first WellieWisher Party dress.  The pattern is free (see below).  There are 3 pages.  Click on one page at a time.  Right click and select "open in separate page".  Using your browsers print function, print each pattern file.  But if you would like expert instructions contained on 19 pages, please purchase the instructions for $4.99 with your paypal account and you will receive an email with a PDF pattern within 24 hours.

 The WellieWisher's Faux-Smocked Party Dress

Matching Hair Bow

French Seams

Instructions for smocking with the decorative stitches of your sewing machine

Free Pattern

If you need to adjust the printed pattern to the correct size (see the 1" square on each page), simply divide 100 by the exact measurement of how the 1" square printed out.  This will give you the percentage of enlargement or reduction for an accurate printed pattern.


Party Dress 4.99 us

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American Girl came out with the cutest dolls - 14" tall and so very awesome.  I'm in love. So my intentions for 2017 is to make party dresses.  I had to come up with a sloper first.  I did this before with the BFF dolls - which unfortunately are no longer made. HERE

Step 1
Wrap your doll with tissue paper and lots of tape.

 Step 2
Using a permanent fine tip marker, mark center front, center back, sides, waist and shoulders.

These dolls have plastic "seams" on their bodies to help you mark the lines with your marker.

Step 3
Carefully remove the tape wrapped tissue paper by cutting up the center back.  Tape the patterns onto a piece of paper.
Step 4

Add seam allowances (1/8th).  Tape a paper sloper together, make adjustments.

Then cut the pattern out of fabric and sew together.

Now the sloper pattern is ready to manipulate into different clothing.

A great way to sew a 1/8" seam is move your needle.

If you would like to download the sloper that I made for the Wellie Wisher doll, click the picture below, click on the right mouse button and select "open image in new tab".  Click on print in the menu bar or on the 3 horizontal dots on the upper right side of your internet page.  Enlarge or shrink your printed copy so the 1" square is a 1" square.  The best way I know how to do this is to divide 100 by the actual size of your printed 1" square.  You will get the percentage of enlargement or shrinkage as your answer.  For example: 100 divided by 1/2"(supposed 1" square example) the answer is 200. So enlarge your picture by 200%.  Let's say your 1" square printed out at 1-1/4". Divide 100 by 1.25 and the answer would be 80. Or shrink the picture by 80%.