Crazy Daisy Quilts, Crafts and More: January 2015

Jan 24, 2015

Circus Elephant

No circus is complete without an Elephant, preferably a pink one!!!.  He (or she) stands 6-3/4" tall.  Her trunk is raised to say hello. (Monkey fits on her back)
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Circus Elephant Pattern

Circus Monkey

I haven't named the monkey, but I think he will fit in perfectly at the circus, He even fits on the back of the ringmaster.   He is 7" tall from the top of his FEZ to the bottom of his toes.
The pattern for the circus monkey will be sent via email or mail within 24 hours of your purchase.

Circus Monkey Pattern

Jan 14, 2015

Many of you know how much fun it is to have grandchildren!!! I have 3 and 2 on the way.  I'm constantly trying to figure out ways to entertain them which isn't easy in this world of electronics.  Inspired by 'It's a Circus!" a book by Amy McClellan, I made my first original creation for my own circus: The Ringmaster!!!

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Circus Master