Crazy Daisy Quilts, Crafts and More: May 2017

May 28, 2017

Every Doll needs a place to sleep...right?

I bought a used doll house for the Wellie Wishers to live in.

Because I have all 5 WellieWisher (Wellie Wisher) dolls, I realized that although this house is huge, it still wasn't big enough for each girl to have their own separate bedroom.  So I decided they could all sleep in the attic.  There was another problem.  Beds for 18" dolls are too big for the space. The pitched roof prohibits bunk beds. The depth of the house is 19-1/2" and I couldn't find a bed shorter than 21".  As you may know,  Camille, Ashlyn, Kendall, Emerson and Willa are about 14" tall.  They don't a need a 22" - 24" long bed.  So I came up with and idea that was similar to other DIY bed ideas I saw in my internet searches.  I think this one turned out cute.

This cute little bed is made from 1" foam, a wood plaque (15.74in x 1.18in x 6.29in) and a chalkboard. I got all three at Hobby Lobby.

To make this bed, pry off the jute and staples from the wood plaque. Remove the stand, push out the blackboard and remove all the nails.

Trace the white frame onto a piece of paper and cut out. (yeah it won't fit.)

Fold paper in half.  Using the fold line as a reference, mark a line 1-7/8" horizontal to the folded line.  Cut on this line.

Use this paper pattern to mark the front and back of the white frame.

With a hand saw or finishing blade, saw the frame on the marked line.  This will make a headboard and a foot board.

The blackboard section is cut (also with a saw) 1 inch from the marked line as illustrated:  Disregard the smaller chalkboard section. The bigger piece will be part of the headboard.

The legs are 1" from the cut edge.

Before gluing, I pencil a mark where the bed will glue to the head and foot boards.

I use a drop of hot glue from a glue gun to hold the bed and frame together in the marked spots.

After gluing the bed together, Nail the bed together at the glued areas.

Using wood putty, fill in the holes from the nails and where the jute robe was stapled and any other flaws you might like to fill.  Let dry. Sand areas and spray paint entire bed white.

The easiest way to cut foam to fit the bed is by a straight edge and a retractable utility blade.  

Cut the foam for the bed 15" by 5-1/2".
The foam will fit snug into the mattress area.

Finishing the Headboard

You may want to paint the holes in the chalkboard black.

Cut 2 pieces of thin polyester batting larger than the headboard.

Cut one piece of fabric larger than the blackboard/headboard.

Position the printed fabric with the wrong side up. Next, lay down both batting pieces  about 1" above the edge of the fabric

Fold up the bottom edge of the fabric and then fold again. Hot glue this "hemmed" fabric onto the bottom of the chalkboard/headboard.

Flip the black side of the blackboard/cardboard down exposing the batting,

Using white glue or tacky glue, draw a bead of glue all around the perimeter of the back side of the blackboard/headboard.

Lay the batting on top of the glue.  Add another beading of glue on top of the previous glue. Lay the second piece of batting on the first piece. 

Finally add the fabric.

Press the fabric into the glue. let dry for several hours. ( I let it dry with the fabric side down on a plastic sheet and a weight on the top)

Trim around the outside of the blackboard, as close as you can to the edge.

The fabric gives the blackboard some extra size so make sure it fits into the top of the headboard.  It may be necessary to shave some of the blackboard off the sides to get it to fit with the retractable utility knife.  When you are certain it will fit.  Quickly draw a bead of hot glue into the back of the headboard in the routed area and press the blackboard into it.

Your bed frame is finished!!!

Now all you need to do is make a sheet for your mattress, a comfortable bedspread, a pillow case and a pillow form.  A 15 page instruction pattern is available below.  When purchased, you will be directed to a website where you can download the pattern immediately.

The following pattern teaches you how to sew the bedspread onto the sheet/mattress cover so the bed will always look nice.  The Willie Wishers will be able to keep their bed's made and as a bonus, their feet will always stay warm.

You will also be able to sew boxed corners into the sheet.  Pillow form and pillow case patterns are included.

After your purchase you will be immediately directed to a link where you can download the pdf file.


(Eating in bed again?  Come on  Emerson, go to sleep already!)