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Sep 15, 2017

OH MY! It is a Wellie Vampire!

Camille is feeling "vampy" and even has a Vampire Mask.  (She doesn't want to ruin her complexion with makeup.) She can even wear her mask if she wants.

 I found earrings, jewelry, beads and even scrapbook findings that inspired me:
(on sale!)

But when I saw the bat covered lace - I was done! And the Vampress was created.  I'm pretty sure I will find another use for the pretty jewelry I found, but for now, here she is....

You can make this fancy dress for your Wellie as well.  The instructions for the mask are included; however, if you don't want to cut the card stock, I can do it for you and mail the 2 pieces directly to you via USPS.

with or without mailed mask

Jul 21, 2017

2017 Halloween is only 102 days away

If the local fabric stores can start selling Halloween supplies then I think I can start working on some Witch outfits for the Wonderful Wellie Wishers!!!

This costume is shorter in the front to show her cute fun little witch shoes (pattern sold separate) and longer in the back for a dramatic effect.  The bodice is lined. It closes with a zipper in the back.  The pattern is loaded with extra sewing tips, 13 pages full of pictures and illustrations so
you will have your Wellie looking Halloweeny in no time. All pattern purchases come with an instant downloadable link.

PDF pattern $4.99

Witch Shoe PDF $2.99

Witch Hat PDF $2,99

Jul 9, 2017

Pajama Partay!!!!

OK, they aren't really wearing pajamas, but have you ever heard of a Night Shirt Partay?  Thought so.
So how old are the Wellies?  Somewhere between 8 and 10, I am guessing.  If that is true then I don't think they would really want to wear ruffly baby night gowns or baby footy pjs. These are big girls and a night shirt seemed to be just perfect.  Now have you ever heard a 8 year old tell a joke?  They think jokes akin to "bad dad jokes" are super funny! So each girl has a joke and an image on their night shirts appropriate to their personalities.

These night shirts are easy to make and your Wonderful Wellie is anxious for you to make her one as well.  The pattern consists of 9 pages of illustrated step by step instructions to make your sewing super informative.

Nightshirt pattern via PDF

Jul 1, 2017

Its Summer Time - Let's Go Swimming!!

I got super distracted the other day at the fabric store when I happened upon a most beautiful selection of swimsuit fabric.  Seemed like a good time to make the Wellies some swimming attire.  So I put my flat pattern skills to the test and came up with 5 individual, super cute suits.  Let the Fashion Show begin. Enjoy!!

Willa - the outdoor aficionado is wearing a lovely one piece suit that resembles a black ruffled top over red dotted Lycra bottoms.  A ladybug button finishes the look.

Grandma's washing tub is a great place to cool off.

Kendall -  who can fix or make just about anything including making you smile, is wearing a one piece, two toned swimsuit with a hand button of course - because she is "handy".  Have you seen her apron?  

Emerson - This happy comedian is wearing a gold swimsuit decked with black elastic trim and a black music note.  She sings, she dances and she even tells a good joke.

Camille - is wearing a shimmery sea blue swimsuit made with shimmery fold-over elastic.  Complimenting her outfit is a detachable blue shimmery skirt.  The shell button completes the look.

Ashlyn - is resplendent wearing a princess button atop her pink sparkly swimsuit.  Her stripped skirt matches both the top and bottom of her suit just like perfect princess should.

Have you ever sewn on Lycra?  I am going to share with you some amazing tips on sewing on swimsuit fabric, the right machine needle to use, the type of stabilizer, when to trim elastic edges, how to turn tubes of fabric quickly, Wash Away Tape and why it is important and the best glue to use with fabrics.  All of this information is available in this free download:

The detailed instructions for each of these darling swimsuits are available to you below.  After you pay, you will get an immediate downloadable link for the pdf pattern.

Willa's PDF Pattern $2.99

Kendall's PDF Pattern $2.99

Emerson's PDF Pattern $2.99

Camille's PDF Pattern $2.99

Ashlyn's PDF Pattern $2.99

Jun 6, 2017

Doll Hangers - Easy to Make

Did you know that doll hangers are more expensive than their life-size counterparts? Who knew? Did you know that regular American Girl Hanger are too big for Wellie Wisher Clothes?  So, I carefully made my own and they were easier than I thought. Maybe you would like to make some....
     1.  Download the PDFs file from here:
          Hanger pattern
          The exact size of the hanger is 3.998" x 2.395"

The link will give you a downloadable JPG pattern and a SVG pattern.  If you have a Cricut or other cutting machine and you know how to upload an SVG pattern, go for it.

I uploaded the SVG pattern in the Cricut Design Space software on my computer.  Then, I sized it to the exact measurements listed above.  I copied it once, flipped it and turned it upside down to get the most out of a sheet, I attached both images so they acted as a unit.  I hit the cut button. Be sure to select as many copies as you want.

To prepare the material, I glued a patterned card stock to a piece of a cereal box. If you can't tell, this is a Captain Crunch box.

It doesn't seem to matter which side of the box you glue the card stock on to. I used a plain old glue stick.

If you are cutting by hand, you get to trace and cut out the pattern.  If you are using a Cricut, place the glued Cereal/cardstock sheet onto a cutting mat.

It is important to use a Deep Cutting Blade and set your dial to Poster Board Plus.

Be advised, that the Cricut will cut each design twice when choosing this setting.  Cut out as many pairs as you need.

Glue each pair together.

Use paper clips, quilting clips, or clothes pins to hold both sides together while they dry,

This hanger will balance nicely on a 1/2" diameter dowel rod.

Good Luck!!

Don't want to make them?  You can buy them instead...
The hanger will be sent in a Priority Mail 1-Day™ Small Flat Rate Box 
for a charge of $7.15

3 for $9.99