Crazy Daisy Quilts, Crafts and More: November 2011

Nov 9, 2011

Witch's Tea

My quilt guild had the best time at our witch's tea.  I had designed quilt blocks all year for poor Helga who died (liquidated) in a rain storm.  We 'charmed' her possessions onto quilt blocks for her prosperity to 'reanimate' at a future date.  Not all the quilts that were finished are shown here.  We had a 'horrible' time....
Arlene, Geri, Marie, Mylinda, Celeste and myself all show off our wonderful creations.  Everyone who made a quilt got a cute charm make by my friend Muffy Elder:

Below are more pictures of the coven:

Anne won the prize for best cackle, Vickie won for best dressed.  Allur winner got a handmade award:
Then we all made a cute witch shoe to take home. The pattern can be found at

Under Construction Baby Shower

I had a great time planning Mickel's Baby shower:

You are invited to celebrate the soon to be completed project:
Henry David Politis
created by Mickel and Luke Politis, inc.
We are happy to announce that he is on time and on schedule
for the January 2012 unveiling.