Crazy Daisy Quilts, Crafts and More: Pajama Partay!!!!

Jul 9, 2017

Pajama Partay!!!!

OK, they aren't really wearing pajamas, but have you ever heard of a Night Shirt Partay?  Thought so.
So how old are the Wellies?  Somewhere between 8 and 10, I am guessing.  If that is true then I don't think they would really want to wear ruffly baby night gowns or baby footy pjs. These are big girls and a night shirt seemed to be just perfect.  Now have you ever heard a 8 year old tell a joke?  They think jokes akin to "bad dad jokes" are super funny! So each girl has a joke and an image on their night shirts appropriate to their personalities.

These night shirts are easy to make and your Wonderful Wellie is anxious for you to make her one as well.  The pattern consists of 9 pages of illustrated step by step instructions to make your sewing super informative.

Nightshirt pattern via PDF

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